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Teacher Task Force, Ministry of Education of United Arab Emirates
Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
08/12/2019 - 11/12/2019

The future(s) of teaching

This year, the 12th Policy Dialogue Forum of the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 focuses on the issues pertaining to the implications of new learning goals for teacher preparation and training, addressing inequalities and diversity, and innovations and their implications for teacher education and training and practices. High-level participants at political and technical level are expected, as well as other experts, teacher organisations and employers, NGOs and CSOs, universities, students and teachers.


VVOB is proud to contribute to the policy dialogue in a number of ways:

  • In the caucus session for NGOs about best practices alongside INEE, Save the Children, Teach for All and VSO, VVOB's Programme Manager from Rwanda Jef Peeraer presents 'Induction programmes for new primary and secondary school teachers'. This session is scheduled for Sunday 8 December at 15:30.
  • The next day 9 December at 10:30, VVOB's Programme Director Tom Vandenbosch presents our experiences and practices on Gender-responsive pedagogy in early childhood education in the thematic session revolving around pre-primary teachers. Also presenting are LEGO Foundation and Sabre Education.
  • In the afternoon plenary session on 9 December (14:00) with a variety of stakeholders (including ministers of education and school principals), Programme Director Tom sits in a panel on Teaching approaches/Teacher education as 'The NGO'.