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Comparative & International Education Society
Miami, Florida (US)
22/03/2020 - 26/03/2020

Education beyond the human

CIES 2020 invites the comparative education community and colleagues in related fields – scholars, artists, policymakers, development aid professionals, and education practitioners alike – to step up to the planetary challenges we face and explore a broad range of questions pertaining to the adequacy of our vocabularies, theories, methods, practices, movements, and ways of being in these precarious times.


VVOB sits in the panel chaired by USAID on 'Data Driven Programming to Prevent and Respond to School-related Gender-based Violence' alongside EDC and FAWE among others, and presents results from our iGROW project in Suriname: 'Preventing and adressing sexual violence in and around lower secondary vocational schools in Suriname' (23 March, 10-11:30). Connect with presenter Maud Seghers, our senior education advisor TVET.