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Unlocking the potential of teachers and school leaders for SDG4 in 2018: annual report

Teachers and school leaders are the two most critical sets of actors in raising the quality of learning and wellbeing of children and youth, and thus in achieving SDG 4. Especially for the most disadvantaged learners in society, quality teaching and school leadership can have a decisive influence. It can mitigate the negative effects of a learner's vulnerable background on his or her education experience.


In VVOB's 2018 annual report, we go back to the essence. We zoom in on our approach to strengthening and supporting school leaders, our approach to supporting and retaining high quality teachers, our approach to promoting effective classroom learning. The feature stories from our partner countries South Africa, Rwanda, Vietnam and Ecuador show what these approaches look like in practice, and what they mean for educators and learners alike.


Enjoy! And please do not hesitate to contact us if you or your organisation wish to receive a hard copy.