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This article was originally published by University of Rwanda - College of Education in Rwandan Journal of Education, Vol 4, No 1 (2017).


The full paper can be downloaded below.


This paper aimed at analyzing leadership competencies among primary school head teachers (HTs) with respect to their current school leadership practices and five key performance standards identified as creating strategic direction, leading learning, leading teaching, managing the school as an organization and finally community and parental involvement. The study utilized a mixed methods approach that integrated both qualitative and quantitative as a means of tringulation. A comparison of the mean scores for head teachers and teachers revealed a correlation coefficient with a negative linear relationship (-.34) between HTs and teachers on leading teaching and a weak linear relationship (.1) on creating strategic direction. It also confirms that there is a difference between head teacher current school leadership practices and the identified professional performance standards. These findings indicate that there is need for provision of specific school leadership trainings to respond to the broadened roles and responsibilities of primary school head teachers.


  • Claudien Ntahomvukiye (University of Rwanda - College of Education)
  • Alfred Otara (University of Rwanda - College of Education)
  • Michael Tusiime (University of Rwanda - College of Education)
  • Robert Sengarama (University of Rwanda - College of Education)
  • Christian Karasira (VVOB - education for development)