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Preschool Leaders as Enablers of Innovation: Emerging practices with preschool leaders in Vietnam

Introduction to the paper (download below)


Focusing on equitable access, Vietnam has achieved high preschool participation, with over 92% of 3-to-5-year-old children enrolled in preschool. However, developmental outcomes are unequal, especially for disadvantaged ethnic groups. VVOB in Vietnam and branches of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam have joined forces to improve the performance and effectiveness of preschool teachers in disadvantaged, ethnically diverse districts in three central provinces. While teachers are the most important factor contributing to learner outcomes, school leaders are key in creating the conditions for effective teaching and learning. They are also gatekeepers for change – an essential element to allow learning. Starting from our multi-dimensional model of school leadership, we look with our partners at how school leaders can support teachers to reflect on their practices and build collaborative expertise to better cater to the needs of all children. Traditional methods of professional development cannot keep up with the challenge at hand. The school leader’s position in local communities and in the education system create a double challenge for external partners to contribute to their effectiveness directly. VVOB works with the ministry of Education to reach the school leadership and help them install an enabling environment for teachers to learn.  


This paper (download below) explores the ways in which school leaders can be actors of change in Vietnam.



Lieve Leroy and Thi Chau Nguyen, education advisors VVOB, Vietnam

This article was originally published by Taylor & Francis Online in Childhood Education, Volume 95, 2019 - Issue 2