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Our series of technical briefs, 'Putting SDG4 into practice', bundles our knowledge and experience of different themes in various country-specific contexts. Each edition zooms in on a specific building block of quality education, and how VVOB strengthens them in its partner countries.

Putting SDG4 into practice #5: Gender-responsive pedagogy for early childhood education

Tackling gender bias and stereotypes early on is fundamental to address gender inequalities that manifest later in life. Early childhood education (ECE) teachers are in a unique position to challenge and limit the maturation of these gender stereotypes. Gender-Responsive Pedagogy for Early Childhood Education (GRP4ECE) empowers preschool teachers and school leaders to create learning environments where harmful gender stereotypes are challenged and addressed.


This technical brief:

  • explores the concept of GRP4ECE in detail;
  • delves into the 4 areas of professional development that put GRP4ECE into teaching practice:
    1. raising awareness,
    2. building capacity for gender-responsive teaching (materials, space and activities, interactions)
    3. building leadership capacity to create enabling and a supportive school environment for gender-responsive teaching
    4. building capacity to engage with parents/caregivers and communities
  • and discusses the GRP4ECE learning and research agenda.

The technical brief was developed in partnership with the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) and illustrates the GRP4ECE model with examples from VVOB projects in South Africa, Vietnam and Zambia.