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Education International
Nairobi (Kenya)
24/09/2018 - 26/09/2018

Early Childhood Education seminar

The objectives of Education International's two-day seminar are:

  • to discuss important global and regional frameworks and instruments, including the ILO policy guidelines on the promotion of decent work for early childhood personnel, and how these can be implemented at country and local levels;
  • to exchange and promote experiences and good practices in membership recruitment and organizing;
  • and to discuss current global and national issues and challenges related to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4.2 on achieving inclusive quality early childhood education, and develop strategies for addressing those challenges. 


The seminar will bring together education union leaders, ECE educators, academics, experts, policy makers and other key stakeholders, mainly from Africa and around the world, including Anna Murru, VVOB's partnership manager.