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Brookings Center for Universal Education & Management Systems International
25/03/2021 - 1 pm GMT (9 am ET // 2 pm CET)

Education Scalability Checklist

On March 25 (1-2:30 pm GMT), VVOB presents the Education Scalability Checklist (ESC) at the Education Working Group of the Global Community of Practice on Scaling Development Outcomes


Click here to join the meeting, which is open to all.


On the agenda: 

  • Presentation of Education Scalability Checklist: Maud Seghers of VVOB provides an overview of the new tool and discusses how it can be used to plan for scaling, as well as shares reflections on the process of adapting a generic scaling tool to the education sector.  
  • Q&A: Plenary discussion and questions with VVOB, Larry Cooley of MSI, and other organisations that contributed to the tool development and adaptation, followed by a participant survey on potential applications for the checklist. 
  • Group share out: Opportunity to hear from participants about their experiences developing and adapting other scaling-related guidance and resources. 


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