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PEDAL and REAL research centres, University of Cambridge
Cambridge (UK)

Learning to play and playing to learn

This conference by the PEDAL (Play in Education, Development & Learning) and REAL (Research for Equitable Access & Learning) research centres at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, investigates the role of play-based learning in low income countries, as well as in low resource settings within middle and higher income countries. It explores:

  • how play-based learning is undertaken in different settings and its contribution to early learning;
  • measurement of play-based learning, including tracking progress in the context of Sustainable Development Goal targets, with a focus on early childhood education and early learning;
  • the future of play-based learning in a changing world - looking at care-givers, curricula and learning for the 21st Century.

The conference will bring together researchers, policy actors and non-governmental organisations with the aim of drawing lessons on play-based learning across settings, as well as identifying variations between contexts.