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KU Leuven

Multi-stakeholder cooperation in research: myth or must?

This event explores research partnerships between young scientists and non-governmental organisations.


Currently the Multistakeholder Grant funds 8 research projects, two of which are conducted by VVOB in partnership with the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL): one in Cambodia and one in South Africa. Colleagues from the relevant countries are participating and presenting about their research.


1. Pilot Study of Professional Learning Communities on Creating Inclusive Learning Environments in South Africa


(Multi-stakeholder collaboration between: Prof. Katja Petry - KU Leuven, VVOB South Africa, Optentia Research Focus Area, Northwest University, Central University of Technology)


Under the framework of SDG4, VVOB strengthens school- and district-based professional development of primary education teachers and school leaders to create inclusive learning environments in the format of professional learning communities (PLCs). Currently, VVOB is piloting 12 PLCs in 3 provinces (North West, Northern Cape and Free State). This research project (1) supports the scientific evaluation of the pilot PLC study, (2) strengthens capacity development by exchanging tools regarding inclusive education, monitoring and evaluation and (3) designs a joint research project in which capacity development for creating inclusive learning environments will be tested.


2. Measuring the TIGER Impact in Cambodia


(Multi-stakeholder collaboration between: Dr. Sofie Cabus - KU Leuven, Royal University of Phnom Penh, VVOB Cambodia)


Violence against children (girls in particular) remains a serious problem in Cambodia, perpetuated by traditional culture patterns and jeopardising vulnerable children’s school success.  VVOB’s 3-year TIGER project focuses on specific training and sensitisation of teachers and other key stakeholders in ensuring a gender-sensitive and positive disciplinary climate in a pilot province. Our (longer-term) ambition is to evaluate the impact of the project as a step towards mainstreaming its approach throughout Cambodia. The Multi-Stakeholder Grant will be used to build a partnership with local research teams and to design the full evaluation programme.