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Aflatoun International and VVOB have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in recognition of their shared interest to quality education and, specifically, quality social and financial education for all. In a move to capitalise on the many opportunities for complementing and strengthening each other’s work, the partnership envisions greater impact and scale for both Aflatoun and VVOB interventions, as well as mutual learning.

High-quality partnership

Aflatoun and VVOB are joining forces to integrate quality social and financial education in formal national education systems and classroom practices. Well-established synergies with governments and other stakeholders as well as quality teacher professional development systems need to be in place to achieve this goal. The Aflatoun-VVOB MoU provides the framework for cooperation to realise this at both policy- and practice-level.

Aflatoun International offers social and financial education to children and young people worldwide, especially the most vulnerable, empowering them to make a positive change for a more equitable world. Putting that mission into practice, Aflatoun creates high-quality curricula, for different age groups, which can be contextualised to local needs or specific circumstances, and provides teachers with training on social and financial education. 

“Greater impact and scale”

Through a strong network of 300+ partners and 35 governments, Aflatoun reaches 8.6 million children and young people each year in more than 100 countries. VVOB is now a proud partner of Aflatoun too.


“Aflatoun’s work is highly commendable, and impacts the lives of millions of learners”, VVOB’s General Director Sven Rooms says about VVOB’s newest partner. “I am delighted to have signed an MoU with Aflatoun and forge collaboration between our organisations. Effective professional development for teachers and school leaders is key to adopting social and financial education. By working together, we have greater impact and scale to look forward to.”

Putting the partnership into practice

VVOB stimulates the integration of Aflatoun’s approaches to social and financial education in its teacher professional development interventions where relevant and appropriate. The ambition to contextualise these valuable approaches to the realities and needs of our partner countries – and in cooperation with the Ministries of Education – is one of the main drivers of the partnership, as well as the recognition that VVOB has plenty to learn from Aflatoun, and vice versa.


Aflatoun’s tradition of directly supporting beneficiaries in the classrooms can enrich VVOB’s approaches on what works and what doesn’t for learners and teachers, while VVOB can share in the benefits of its longstanding relations with the Ministries of Education of its partner countries to have possible buy-in and impact at policy-level.

VVOB’s focus on quality education and implementing programmes that are sustainable is critical to ensuring that children and young people feel empowered
Roeland Monasch, CEO Aflatoun International

Together, Aflatoun and VVOB can empower all learners with the skills they require to become economically productive, develop sustainable livelihoods, contribute to peaceful and democratic societies and enhance individual wellbeing.