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Against the backdrop of the DETA Conference in Rwanda, we officially launched our series of technical briefs ‘VVOB: Putting SDG 4 into Practice’ at the Chez Lando hotel in Kigali.

With 35 years of experience under our belts, it is safe to say that VVOB – education for development has gained some valuable insights, both theoretical and practical, into what makes an education system work for all learners.

‘Putting SDG 4 into Practice’ shares these insights with you.

Each separate technical brief zooms in on a specific building block of quality education, drawing from international research. It is detailed how VVOB strengthens these building blocks, how its approach has proven successful, and what VVOB does specifically in each partner country.

We are pleased to share the two first editions of ‘Putting SDG 4 into Practice’ with you.

This first publication describes how VVOB adapts the 10-dimensional model of successful school leadership to each country’s own experience, challenges and needs to ensure it is effectively introduced and embedded in the local education system. As showcased in the extensive case study of VVOB work in Rwanda, this requires long-term commitment and solid partnerships.
The second technical brief in the series focuses on professional learning communities (PLCs) of teachers and school leaders. VVOB’s two-pronged approach to sustainably creating and managing these communities is revealed, each strategy illustrated by case studies in Rwanda and South Africa.

If you have any further questions, or if you wish to receive hard copies of these technical briefs, please be in contact at

Happy Learning!