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Responding to a call of the Belgian Development Agency, VVOB has successfully submitted a consultancy proposal to strengthen continuous professional development of teachers in Uganda.

Effective support supervision

The Teacher Training and Education project aims to provide an improved student-centred teaching and practice-oriented learning environment, aided by strengthened support supervision and visitation services from the central level.

However, there is wide consensus that both the current setup and practices for support supervision are ineffective, under-resourced and underdeveloped in Uganda. A baseline survey shows that Ugandan teacher training institutions face substantial challenges when it comes to receiving support services from the central level. Therefore it is imperative to set up an effective and efficient (cost effective) support supervision system to promote continuous professional development and reflective practice of teacher trainers.

Through its consultancy services VVOB will develop a framework for effective support supervision which will be linked to existing policies regulating the national support supervision system. It will also describe the mandates and roles of each stakeholder, coordination mechanisms, monitoring systems, and a financial and logistical setup needed for the system to function with clearly identified funding sources.

Furthermore VVOB will develop a support supervision manual to strengthen the visitation services from the central level. This manual will also include tools and instructions for their use in support supervision processes.

VVOB argues that support supervision and visitation visits provide important learning opportunities for teachers and teacher trainers as well as their coaches/supervisors. Visitation visits have the potential to support continuous learning, disseminate innovation and develop the professionalism of teachers and their trainers. This will be the focus within the development of the framework and support supervision manual.