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International Dialogue on Equity in Education (eNSPIRED)
Flemish community
€ 1,175,000
Professional development of all Flemish stakeholders in education; equity

Challenges in education are shared worldwide. Flanders too faces issues of equity in education. By fostering dialogue with its education partners in the South on topics such as inclusive education, reaching the most vulnerable learners, and gender, VVOB aims to inspire Flemish teacher trainers and pedagogical guidance centres with new practices to tackle these issues of equity. Moreover, through this unique format for exchange, global citizenship is stimulated in the Flemish participants, strengthening public support for international cooperation.


Teacher trainers and pedagogical counsellors share and use educational practices from the Global South as a tool to develop competences of global citizenship in (student) teachers and to improve equity in education.


The eNSPIRED programme centres on strengthening Flemish educational partners in responding to questions of diversity and equity in education, and internationalisation.

VVOB has structural partnerships with Flemish university colleges that offer teacher training, and pedagogical guidance centres. These educational organisations and expert organisations in the field of e.g. diversity, gender and equity, offer their expertise to VVOB’s South programmes from a distance and during short assignments in the field.

These actors are very relevant to the Flemish education system. While they are VVOB’s partners in our South programmes, they are also our target group in the eNSPIRED programme. Working together with teacher training institutes and pedagogical guidance centres has a big multiplier effect, as student teachers and inset teachers are automatically implicated in the programme too.

The programme is built around three pillars:

  • Fostering critical reflection on one’s own practices and attitudes, and on how education should be/is organised, during masterclasses and learning weeks with educational experts from the Global South.
  • Facilitating a Community of Practice in which Flemish teacher trainers and pedagogical counsellors can share ideas on how to disseminate experiences from their assignments in the partner countries in their own organisations.
  • Inspiring educationalists and others with various media about diversity and equity in education on an online open source platform:

By the end of the eNSPIRED programme:

Flemish teacher training institutes and pedagogical guidance centres:

  • exchange knowledge, experiences and good practices about inclusive and quality education with their peers in the Global South.
  • incorporate learning experiences from South mobility into the work of their teacher trainers and pedagogical counsellors.
  • use the inspiring educational practices from the Global South found on for the continuous professional development of teachers, teacher trainers and pedagogical counsellors.