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DR Congo - Researching awareness of biodiversity
Etude de référence sur les effets de la sensibilisation dans les écoles techniques agricoles de Kongo Central et leur milieu environnant sur les apports de l’agriculture durable à la biodiversité – Study on the impact of awareness raising in agricultural
Educational provinces Kongo Central I and Kongo Central II
Januari tot juni 2017
€ 9,550
Direction de Développement Durable du Ministère de l’Environnement (DR Congo); Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Technical and vocational education and training
Education for sustainable development; sustainable agriculture; equity

The DR Congo has an incredibly rich biodiversity, but it is threatened by countless actors who are not aware of their roles in its demise. Currently, there is no measurable way to know whether awareness raising efforts about the importance of biodiversity are effective.


Mapping the awareness of biodiversity in agricultural schools and their communities.


The project studies how the ‘Journées Portes OuVERTES’ (2014-2015) project had an impact on agricultural schools and their community, more specifically on their knowledge of, attitude towards and practices relevant to biodiversity. 

The project is built around three pillars:

  • Developing indicators to measure the knowledge, attitude and practices relevant to biodiversity of stakeholders in agricultural schools
  • Preparing and executing a survey to determine the current value of the indicators 
  • Proposing a clear and effective intervention strategy for the future

By the end of the project:

  • A state of affairs shows the scope of awareness about biodiversity in technical agricultural schools using established indicators of impact
  • Collaboration with a university or university college is set up for the implementation, analysis and interpretation of the results of the study
  • The report and analysis is shared with relevant stakeholders (the ministry, organisations, the community) and recommendations are made

This study informs the way forward with respect to effective awareness raising about biodiversity under the Congolese national strategy and action plan for biodiversity.