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Consultancy assignment for the BTC on “Active Teaching and Learning to improve student-centred teaching and assessment practices in secondary and TVET teacher training”
2014 - 2016
Belgian federal government (DGD) (through BTC, Belgian Development Agency)
Secondary Technical and Vocational Education, Active Teaching and Learning in Teacher Training

The Government of Uganda received a grant from the Kingdom of Belgium to finance the Teacher Training Education Project. This project improves the training for technical teachers and instructors in technical and vocational education, health tutors and secondary teachers. One of the components of this project aims at improving the quality of teaching and learning. This will be put into practice by introducing sustainable Active Teaching and Learning and assessment practices in secondary and technical and vocational education teacher training institutes under the Teacher and Instructors Education and Training department of the Ministry of Education.


In the framework of the Teacher Training Education Project, VVOB carries out a consultancy assignment to design a teacher trainer professional development programme on Active Teaching and Learning. VVOB implements the training of a group of national experts and mentor teachers. They will in turn disseminate the programme in all institutes for Teacher and Instructors Education and Training.