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Communities of practice Inspiring Teaching Innovations in the early Education System (CITIES)
Da Nang
Early childhood education
Professional development of teachers (INSET) and school leaders; urban education; mitigating barriers to learning; equity

The world is changing at a fast pace. Education systems are struggling to keep up, especially in urban contexts. In the city of Da Nang too, the government works hard to make sure urbanisation benefits all children, yet rapid urban growth is exhausting public schools’ capacity. This results in children – and children from poor and migrant families in particular – falling through the cracks of quality preschool education.


Preschool teachers and school leaders identify and mitigate urban barriers to learning in the early years and establish a community of practice to support the education system in adapting to the fast-changing realities in society.


The CITIES project identifies key urban barriers to early learning of 3-to-5-year-old children and pilots an innovative approach in 8 pilot schools in Son Tra District to deal with urban pressure in preschools.

The project is built around 2 pillars:

  • Strengthening the capacity of preschool teachers and school leaders in urban contexts to apply process-oriented child monitoring and child-centered teaching approaches.
  • Disseminating project outcomes and integrating expertise on mitigating urban barriers in the national Vietnamese education system.

By the end of the CITIES project...​

  • DOET staff and teachers and school leaders from 8 pilot schools (Son Tra District) understand and apply process-oriented child monitoring and have strengthened capacities to deal with barriers to learning that are related to the urban context;
  • BOET staff and teachers, school leaders from 6 additional districts in Da Nang will have built knowledge and understanding on process-oriented child monitoring and innovative teaching methods, through dissemination of results and lessons learnt from the 8 pilot schools in Son Tra District.
  • Policymakers, education practitioners and researchers understand and have produced a new body of knowledge on the specific barriers to learning and participation that young children face in an urban context;
  • Involved stakeholders at local and national level have established a community of practice revolving around reforming the early childhood education system to the changing context.

To reach its goals, VVOB develops the capacity of its education partners in Vietnam. VVOB uses capacity development trajectories that give partners maximal responsibility in the execution and management of their own change processes. This is done through technical assistance provided by the VVOB team in Vietnam, which includes both local and international educational and change management experts.