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Vietnam - Strengthening Secondary Education
Education Programme
Provinces Thai Nguyen, Quang Nam, Quang Ninh, Nghe An and Quang Ngai
2008 - 2013
Total 2008 - 2013: €3,433,276 (realised 2008 - 2010: €1,586,286 - planned 2011 - 2013: €1,846,989)
Secondary education, Active teaching and learning, Teacher training, ICT, Environment

The Vietnamese educational system struggles with a number of problems: the gap between the quality of education in the countryside and the cities, the shortage of education managers with the required skills in a decentralised system, inadequate and obsolete educational tools and didactic methods,…

The Vietnamese government tries to remedy all of this. It is committed to give all children access to a good education system. In 2005, the Education Law stressed the importance of a high-quality education system accessible to all children, particularly those in a vulnerable position, such as street children, children with disabilities, and children of ethnic minorities.

Although Vietnam has made progress in the educational field over the past years, there are still some challenges.


The programme’s main focus is on capacity development in the educational sector. Its aim is to improve the quality of the lower secondary education in North and Central Vietnam by promoting Active Teaching and Learning (ATL), with ICT (information and communication technologies) and environmental education as the pillars of methodological change. In phase two of the programme the focus on environmental education was abandoned, and the scope was broadened to the use of ATL related teaching methodologies in general.

Active Teaching and Learning

The programme wants to support change processes promoting Active Teaching and Learning. Therefore capacity development of educational managers is an important activity of the programme.

Furthermore, pre-service and in-service teacher training courses will also focus on Active Teaching and Learning. To support these changes, the programme wants to reinforce the relations between schools, social associations (e.g. the women’s union) and the community.


We support the Departments of Education and Training (DOET) and the teacher training institutes of five provinces in promoting Active Teaching and Learning in lower secondary education. This improves the quality of education in the framework of Child Friendly Schools. Our strategic partner, the Ministry of Education and Training, plays a critical role here. Our operational partners are the Departments of Education and Training of the five provinces, and the respective teacher training institutes, as well as the women’s unions.


The programme is aimed at both future teachers (pre-service) and active teachers (in-service). Most teacher training institutes focus on a traditional, teacher centred way of teaching. We want to turn this into a more learner centred approach, based on innovative and active methods of teaching.

For the pre-service training, VVOB cooperates with five provincial institutes in North and Central Vietnam. In every institute, a core group of five experienced didactics lecturers has been established. The core groups develop various training modules for teacher training courses. They also provide guidance to colleagues in teacher training institutes. Over 200 lecturers have already been trained this way. These core groups also organise professional development activities for their colleagues (fellow lecturers), future teachers and tutors of students doing their teaching practice.