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Zambia - Measuring skills for a changing world
Feasibility Testing of the Breadth of Learning Opportunities Tools
1 February – 30 April 2017
USD 5,000
The Brookings Institution
Early childhood education; primary education; secondary education
Skills for a changing world; evidence-based approach

The Breadth of Learning Opportunities project, convened by the Center for Universal Education at Brookings and Education International, is developing a set of tools to measure the learning opportunities students are exposed to in the national curriculum, in the policies, and in schools. The ‘Breadth of Learning Opportunities’ tools will provide national governments with the ability to examine their education systems and target interventions toward certain learning domains or levels of the system. 

Using the Learning Metrics Task Force’s (LMTF) Seven Domains of Learning, the tools enable users to establish how well the different domains are represented at national, school, and classroom levels. In other words: the intended and the implemented curriculum. The tools identify the priority given to each domain, relative time allocations, and types of resources and learning activities associated with each.


The purpose of this pilot is to test feasibility of the tools prior to large-scale testing. This feasibility testing is designed to learn how the potential users of the Breadth of Learning Opportunities curriculum tool perceive the tool and whether the tool will provide useful information to policymakers.


In the feasibility testing of the Breadth of Learning Opportunities tools, the following factors are taken into account: the time it takes to complete the tool, the redundancy of questions or sections, and the clarity of questions. Recommendations for making the tools better are made based on the feasibility testing.