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The Healthy Learning Programme as showcased under the Ministry of Education School Meals programme stand attracted huge crowds at the recently concluded Nairobi International Trade fair. The trade fair which was on from September 27th to October 3rd, 2010 at the Jamhuri Showground in Nairobi, attracted 75 international and 320 local exhibitors.

According to Ms Walema Barnett, a Ministry of Education School Meals programme officer who attended the show, visitors who visited the Ministry of Education stand were interested in learning more about the Healthy Learning Programme and how it was contributing towards this year’s theme of “Driving Agribusiness in attaining food sufficiency and vision 2030”.

“What we are doing in the programme is quite relevant to the theme. Life skills that we impart in the pupils when they undertake activities such as kitchen gardening and livestock keeping could actually contribute to food sufficiency”, said Ms Barnett.

Healthy Learning Programme Officer Ms Wangari Mathenge and Healthy Learning Intern Ms Margaret Demba also attended the fair on Friday 1st October, a day when majority of the participants are school children and their teachers. Teachers were interested in knowing what the programme entails, where it is being implemented, its benefits and how they can start it in their schools.

“One teacher wanted to know why the programme had not been implemented in private schools as such schools also had their own unique challenges. According to him, parents in such schools give teachers the task of teaching pupils certain values and life skills while they do nothing about it” said Ms Wangari

The Nairobi International Tradefair is an annual event and can be traced back to 1901 when the agricultural and horticultural society was formed with its headquarters in Nairobi.