VVOB has been supporting education in Rwanda since 1985.


To ensure access to secondary education, Rwanda lifted school fees. But because of low learning outcomes, many children drop out of school before they ever reach that stage. Teachers and school leaders can help learners to make the transition and complete secondary school. To that end, VVOB provides teachers and school leaders with continuous professional development opportunities that deepen their pedagogical content knowledge and skills.


  • Primary education
  • General secondary education
  • Equity

Our key areas of work include:

  • Induction of newly qualified teachers – Implementing a system of quality monitoring and school-based mentoring and support for newly qualified teachers.
  • Continuous professional development of teachers – Providing quality opportunities for continuous professional development, most notably through effective professional learning communities and school-based coaching and mentoring by certified colleagues (certificate in Educational Mentorship and Coaching).
  • School leadership development – Implementing a continuous professional development diploma course on Effective School Leadership and supporting effective professional learning communities.