VVOB has been supporting education in Cambodia since 2003.


Primary school learners in Cambodia do not achieve the intended learning outcomes, especially in mathematics. To improve math performance through quality teaching, VVOB invests in effective pre- and in-service teacher professional development. Concurrently, we foster gender-responsive school climates. Although boys and girls perform similarly in math, few girls choose to study math because of prevailing gender norms.


  • Primary education
  • Gender
  • Equity

Our key areas of work include:

  • Initial teacher education – Strengthening content knowledge of mathematics of teacher trainers and model teachers, as well as their pedagogical skills in, among others, classroom management, differentiation, gender responsiveness and positive discipline
  • Continuous professional development of teachers – Development of quality in-service continuous professional development materials on mathematics and gender-responsive teaching practices, in addition to trainings, coaching sessions and peer learning
  • School leadership development – Building the capacity of school leaders to establish gender-responsive schools that constitute safe and learner-friendly environments