VVOB has been supporting education in Uganda since 2019.


Agriculture is taught in a very theoretical manner in Uganda’s lower secondary education (O-level) and secondary technical and vocational education and training (TVET). To ensure young people have the competencies they need to secure a future in the sector, VVOB invests in effective pre-service training for agriculture teachers and instructors and in strengthening the contribution of teacher and instructor training institutions in continuous professional development.


  • Secondary education
  • Secondary TVET

Our key areas of work include:

  • Initial teacher and instructor education – Strengthening the agriculture departments of teacher and instructor training institutions in the areas of vocational pedagogy and didactics; practice teaching; industrial attachment; and the introduction of entrepreneurship education.
  • Enabling environment – Creating necessary conditions for further agriculture teacher / instructor workforce development for O-level agriculture and certificate-level agricultural TVET by building evidence; sharing knowledge with relevant national and regional stakeholders; and preparing teacher and instructor training institutions for the delivery of in-service training.