VVOB has been supporting education in South Africa since 1997.


Learning outcomes remain poor in South Africa, particularly among vulnerable learners. Despite progressive policies on inclusive education, many teachers do not know how to effectively put inclusive and gender-responsive teaching into practice. To develop and strengthen inclusive, gender-responsive pedagogies, VVOB provides South African early childhood and primary school teachers with pre- and in-service professional development. We also work closely with school leaders to build an inclusive school culture. At secondary level, VVOB supports teachers and school leaders to make climate change education (CCE) part of school and classroom practice. As South Africa is particularly hard-hit by climate change, it is essential to provide young South Africans with the knowledge and skills to adapt to a changing environment.


  • Early childhood education
  • Primary education
  • General secondary education
  • Climate change education
  • Equity

Our key areas of work include:

  • Initial teacher education - Embedding inclusive education in different subjects of initial teacher education, as well as during student teachers’ teaching practice.
  • Induction of newly qualified teachers - Providing mentoring, peer support and training to teachers on inclusive education during their first year in the profession.
  • Continuous professional development of teachers - Providing quality opportunities for continuous professional development on both inclusive, gender responsive education and CCE, most notably through effective professional learning communities and by sharing best practices via Open Educational Resources.
  • School leadership development - Setting up and facilitating professional learning communities among school leaders.
  • Enabling environment - Key policy actors at local and national level have deepened knowledge about CCE and strengthened capacity to effectively integrate CCE in their policies and guidelines.