VVOB has been supporting education in Vietnam since 1993.


In Vietnam, enrolment rates for early childhood education (ECE) and primary education are high, as is academic achievement. Generally speaking, Vietnamese learners do better in school than other lower- and middle-income countries. This is however not the case for children from poor rural and urban backgrounds, nor for children from ethnic minorities. Teaching and learning, moreover, are very much content-driven and teacher centered, both at ECE and primary level. Because of the strong focus on academic performance, there is little room for competency- and play-based learning which fosters the development of a breadth (not merely academic) of skills, including creativity, flexibility, critical thinking and socio-emotional skills.


  • Early childhood education
  • Primary education
  • Equity

Our key areas of work include:

  • Continuous professional development of teachers – Providing quality opportunities for (school-based) continuous professional development, fostering quality play-based ECE and primary education and reducing barriers to learning.
  • School leadership development – Supporting school leaders to facilitate school-based continuous professional development for teachers and creating gender-responsive, playful and safe school environments.