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VVOB, University of the Free State & Central University of Technology
Vanderbijlpark (South Africa)
02/07/2019 - 04/07/2019

Shifting towards Inclusive Mindsets - achieving meaningful participation for all

Through plenary panel discussions, posters, breakaway paper presentations, practice-oriented discussions, and various networking opportunities, the symposium builds capacity for teacher education for inclusive teaching. The following sub-themes focus the deliberations:

  • Understanding inclusive education
  • Valuing & respecting diversity
  • Classroom practices that support all learners
  • Collaboration with others to enable inclusive teaching and learning
  • Leadership for inclusive teaching
  • Sharing of reflective practice (testimonies, stories of self-reflection) on how to support inclusion

This symposium is organised by VVOB in South Africa, University of the Free State & Central University of Technology, with support from the European Union.