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Gelijke onderwijskansen in Noord en Zuid als een hefboom voor meer gelijkheid in de samenleving

In 2014, VVOB and its partners start with a programme on equity in education. This programme is based on the common ground we have with our partner countries when it comes to equity in education.

Therefore, we will – together with our education partners – focus on sharing experiences between North and South, on awareness raising of staff and students, and on searching for alternative models of action. But ‘equity in education' is a term that covers a big load. This programme will therefore focus on the underlying values and beliefs about this theme of the education staff and students in Flanders. We will then confront these with the values and beliefs and with prevailing practices in the South.


The target of this programme is twofold:

  • An exchange exists between Flanders and VVOB’s partner countries and together we address shared issues related to equity in education. This way, we want to encourage our education partners in Flanders to be a role model and to incorporate changes within their institutes that increase equity in education for their target groups.
  • The exchange between North and South strengthens the global citizenship competencies of the staff of the teacher training institutes and educational counselling services. We raise awareness on the importance of equity in education in the North and South as a lever for more equity in society. At the same time we want to achieve a more solidary attitude between North and South as a result of the exchange, cooperation and increased involvement.


This programme is conducted over three school years. It has four result areas:

  • In a first result area we are working on the development of a learning environment. Here the partners in North and South share knowledge, experiences and good practices regarding equity in education. The roles of 'underlying values, beliefs and worldviews' get prominent places.
  • Together we develop for each partner institute in Flanders several action perspectives to sharpen their awareness on equity in education.
  • We work together on an awareness raising campaign around this theme.
  • The activities of 'international mobility' that our education partners organise together with VVOB (e.g. internships of students or technical assistance from lecturers in the VVOB programmes) have 'equity in education' as a key theme.

In the first period (the run up to the school year of 2014-2015) the emphasis is on the first result area: the creation of a learning network. Within this network, the dialogue between North and South on equity in education gets shape. From this network, we are working together on the other result areas.

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For more information you can contact Soetkin Bauwens at VVOB head office.

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