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University of Pretoria, Saide, University of Lagos
Lagos (Nigeria)
22/07/2019 - 26/07/2019

Educating the African learner in an era of crises: Imperatives for teacher education

The African continent has made major strides forward towards attaining education for all. However, political, religious and economic crisis continue to threaten future development and, in some parts of the continent have even eroded the gains that have been made. At the same time, the education system must prepare learners for a world of employment that is increasingly global and knowledge-based and a social and workplace environment that is increasingly connected. How do we best prepare teachers for such an increasingly complex and sometimes even chaotic environment?


The DETA 2019 Conference creates a platform for African educationists to deliberate how to educate the African learner in an era of crises and the imperatives for teacher education.