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Johannesburg (South Africa)
29/07/2019 - 30/07/2019

Secondary education in Africa: Preparing youth for the future of work

In Africa, secondary education will increasingly be the platform from which young people enter the workforce, given the increasing primary education completion rates and the low tertiary enrolment rates, apart from being a pathway to tertiary education. The combination of growing youth demographics, the changing nature of work and skills, and slowing economic growth requires greater innovation and reimagining of secondary education to respond adequately to the skills needs of the labour market in the formal and informal sectors.


Every year, ADEA organises a high-level annual policy dialogue forum in order to bring together key stakeholders to showcase, share and discuss comprehensive and innovative education and training models/programmes that aim at developing the leadership, skills and equipping African youth with the necessary knowledge, tools and know-how for employability or job creation. VVOB has been invited.